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 The estimating system takes you through each step of the steel estimating process, from scoping out the project and assigning material and finish requirements through takeoff and bidding.

Although you can enter your estimate directly from the contract drawings, the system creates all of the forms necessary to do a written takeoff. This allows the takeoff to be done by estimators and the data entry to be a clerical function. Either way, you will find the data entry to be very intuitive.

Estimates may be based on mill or warehouse pricing or a combination of both. Fluctuating material prices can be easily handled by generating estimate specific material requests for quotation which can be emailed or faxed to your material suppliers to secure exact costs for your estimates. 

All of your subcontracted items and buyout quotations can be applied to your estimate from within the summary module. You choose which quotations to include in your final summary.

You will, at a minimum, cut your takeoff time in half while increasing your consistency, accuracy, and win rate. 

Automated Takeoff Features:


Standard AISC framed connections can be either shop welded and field bolted, shop bolted and field bolted, or shop bolted and field welded. All preparation labor for the connection material as well as fitting and welding labor are applied. Of course, you can just as easily add any connection configuration you choose.


Apply base and cap plates including all material, labor and fasteners


Stiffener are automatically sized and include all material and labor


Additional shop labor can be added to any material by applying the shop labor operation along with either the length or quantity, depending on the type of labor operation. (for example: feet of 1/4 " fillet weld or quantity of 13/16" holes punched)


Material cutting time is automatically generated and can be sawed, sheared or burned


Coping labor can be automatically generated or by specifying the quantity of copes


Material handling is also applied automatically, both getting your material from your yard into the shop as well as from the fitting area to the painting area and finally, loading the trucks


Surface preparation and painting labor are applied by simply picking a paint system from the finishes database

Note: The default estimate labor values supplied are based on more than thirty years of fabrication experience. However, you can easily create  "user" values to coexist with the default values. This allows you to customize the system over time.




From architecturally exposed structural steel to wastewater treatment plants, the Division 5 Estimating System will nail-down your true steel fabrication costs.



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